What's Inside?
  • - Get ready to change your life !!
  • - Do not forget that the way to get your dream body is through the right and suitable diet and training combination prepared by me !!
  • - Personal Nutrition Program
  • - Personalized Video Supported Training Program
  • - Abdominal Exercise.
  • - Whatsapp for the week; i Communication between 10-17.
12-Week Gold Training Program

- Detailed nutrition and video-supported training program personalized according to your body type, daily lifestyle and goals
- Special nutrition and training programs for muscle building and fat burning (For example; Reducing the fat rate for women and men and getting tighter or increasing muscle mass)
- By calculating the calorie macro, the amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat you need to take daily is calculated and It is ensured that you reach the perfect result in the fastest way.
- In order to get the best results, your menus are prepared with macro nutrients, depending on your current body statistics, in a way that will bring you to your goal.
- If there is a food you don't like or a food you are allergic to, an alternative meal is recommended.
- With your visual photos that you will upload monthly to your profile, every month, there is something that will bring you closer to your goal. Your nutrition and training program is renewed in clay. Detailed video-supported training program personalized according to your shape and goals.
- How many times per week; If you are training for the day or if you want to do it, a program is prepared for it.
- Improved effective abdominal muscle training (repetition, rest, set) is organized to get the best results.
- In order to get the perfect result, the best number of sets, the most effective exercise, the repetitions and the best rest times are calculated.
- This way, your endurance and strength will increase.
- Go to your goal; The most effective cardio exercises are determined and added to your program.

- Unlimited communication with Baran Kalaycı during the week

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