Baran Kalaycı was born on 12 November 1992 in Istanbul. He completed primary and high school education in Istanbul. The adventure of sports, starting with football at the age of 10, lasted only 4 years as an amateur, as the school must continue with the school. Years later, this curiosity would reach its peak in 2010, meeting with weights. At the moment he is a professionally trained fitness and bodybuilding career both as a competitor and as a coach, beginning with Bodybuilding in 2010. The fact that he realized that he had developed exceptionally fast in his first year yet, made him feel genuinely lucky. This situation, in 2011, caused him to be professionally in the professional sense. Sports and healthy nutrition have become both life and hobbies for him. In 2013, he became a champion of Turkey in the "Athletic Physics Young Men's Category", showing his great success in the Turkish Bodybuilding Championship, his first professional competition in his life.

In the "World Championship" held in Mongolia, he succeeded as the World 5th success. Having started to attract great interest in competitions and social media, Baran always enjoyed his answers to the questions related to training and nutrition directed to him from the internet. Everyone who is interested in this sport has become a professional at the same time as he is trying to support as a young professional.

At present, hundreds of people throughout Turkey are enjoying the rapid changes they are experiencing while continuing their amateur or professional sports life with Baran's distance education and personalized nutrition and training programs. Baran started his education life in Yeditepe University in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department in 2012. He settled in America with a big decision in 2015. Baran lived in Los Angeles for 5 months and soon received a sponsorship proposal from a famous clothing company and 2 At that time, Santa Monica College also read Athletic Coaching and renewed his knowledge.